Cased-hole services

Our cased-hole wireline logging services are performed during and after the completion of the well, and from time to time thereafter during the life of the well.

We provide the following services:

  • Production logging – We provide both real-time and memory flow profiles to understand and optimise well performance, using multiple production logging sensors.
  • Reservoir monitoring We offer pulsed neutron logging services (carbon-oxygen and sigma) to measure well saturation.
  • Perforating – We provide world-class perforating solutions.
  • Well integrity – We tailor all well-integrity solutions including single and multiple casings and barrier corrosion evaluation, cement evaluation and downhole video camera (DHVC).
  • Pipe recovery – In pipe-recovery situations, our expert engineers are on hand to quickly locate the free point and recover stuck pipes, using both explosive and non-explosive cutters and punchers solutions.